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Colin Black: Soundprints: A Likeness of Ljubljana

SAMSUNG CSCWednesday, 4.June 2014, at 22:05
Glasni novi svet – Zvočnost Ljubljane
ARS – 3 program radia Slovenia

Soundprints:  A Likenesses of Ljubljana is the fourth in a series of major works where Black continues his artistic process of building a multi-faceted intimate aural geography in which the human imprint is present. Constructed from audio recordings made during the middle of the Slovenian winter in 2014, this work explores the notion of interiority through the inner aspects of personal thoughts and by alluding to the inward dimensions of localities that can be uncovered even within various exterior sonic environments.

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radioCona participates in Reveil broadcasting

IMG_0980 copySat, May 3, 5.00 am – Sun, May 4, 6.00 am,  2014 (UTC 0+1)
24 hour broadcast of the sounds of daybreak

radioCona microphone will be active on May 4, 2014, 4.30am – 5.30am from Molat island, Croatia, facing east at daybreak.

The first live 24 hour broadcast of the sounds of daybreak, relayed by a network of audio streamers around the world. Starting on Saturday at midnight ET (GMT-5,dawn London time). Reveil will travel West from one open microphone to the next, tracking the rising sun, and finish the following morning back in London where the show is being broadcast from the soundCamp at Stave Hill Ecology Park, about 2 miles from the Meridian line in Greenwich.

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radioCona REuseCITY:REuseRADIO / City at Night

zemljeid215 – 20 January, every night starting around 7:15 p.m.

radioCona FM 88.8MHz, Ljubljana and stream (FM exhibition)
radioCona REuseCity:REuseRadio is a research/exhibition project that takes place across an FM frequency, a gallery, and urban space. It focuses on parallel possible uses of the city and radio frequencies. It brings together and presents a selection of works combining the medium of radio or sound with a certain site or place, with a special focus on nighttime. Curators : Anna Friz, Irena Pivka, Jasmina Založnik, Brane Zorman
radioCona broadcast program ::  list of artists and works :: photo

City at night-malaThursday 16 January,  KC Tobačna001 and radioCona 

Anna Friz City at Night
ob 19:00 exhibition opening
ob 20:00, City at Night live performance
from 10:30 p.m. on radioCona, broadcast over Radio Študent 89.3 MHz
exhibition leaflets  :: read more :: (preberi več)

radioCona najava3-malaWednesday 15. januar, radioCona

Marko Batista Night After Night, Vasja Progar Študija v RFI, Simon Macuh Huuummmmm piramide, OR poiesis Prepovedano branje, Mikro Zanka, Maria Papadomanolaki To begin is to follow on from, Irena Pivka Daybreak 6.1
Premiere  (preberi več) :: read more

artsbirthdday copyFriday 17 January at 7.17p.m., Tobačna001 and radioCona, Kunstradio

Art’s Birthday retransmission party with cake
22.40 Anna Friz (radioCona Ljubljana) and Maja Osojnik (Kunstradio Dunaj) Trans Local (interacitive web sound live perfomance) (read more) :: preberi vec


lafontain kvadrat

Saturday 18 January at 12 a.m., city center Ljubljane and radioCona

Kathy Kennedy: Hmmm, in collaboration with the Slovenian Choir of Architects
(In-situ performance in Ljubljana and on radioCona)

(preberi več) :: read more

taxiWednesday 15 and Friday 17 January from 7:15 to 10 p.m., taxi parkplace, Šubičeva 2, Ljubljana (across Šubičeva high shool)

radioCona Taxi listening hub
radioCona taxi Driving path is fixed and is limited to 25 minutes.
prijava: cona.institute@gmail.com
(preberi več) :: read more


tivoliSunday, 19 January at 7.19 p.m.park Tivoli (tivolski grad) and radioCona

Brane Zorman Field Frequency Flux (In-situ sound walk)
Participants receive a radio, headphones, instruction manual.
(preberi več)


jeffkolar2Monday 20 January, Tobačna 001 and radioCona

7:20 p.m.: lectures
Jeff KolarALERT! Transmission, Playback and Remix
Volkmar KlienSounds and their Consonances
8:30 p.m.: performances
Jeff Kolar: GSM Buzz
Volkmar Klien: Zeugnisse vergangener Lebensformen
(preberi več) :: read more

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Ancestors and Hidden Materia III

dec.11.2013, 01:00am, CoLaboRadio, Berlin
Dalot aka Maria Papadomanolaki: Ancestors and
Brane Zorman: Hidden Materia III
programming and links: http://goo.gl/YfnG5n


In this radioCona broadcast we present live recordings produced by CONA within the frame of series ZVOČITI sounding project and organized by uho; oko, Maribor as part of BELI ŠUM series.

This is was the first preparation event for next radioCona: REuse CITY:REuseRADIO  broadcast and FM exhibition due to mid of January 2014. radioCona broadcast will feature selected works curated by Anna Friz, Irena Pivka, Jasmina Založnik and Brane Zorman including lectures, performances by Katty Kennedy, Jeff Kolar, Volkmar Klein and slovenian sound artists Vasja Progar, Marko Batista, Petra Kapš and others.


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Hodi Mesto (Walk the City) – jesenske ponovitve

Vabimo vas na ogled ponovitev predstave:

– četrtek 3. okt. 2013, ob 18:0019:00 (predstavi v okviru festivala PreGlej Naglas)
– petek 4. okt. 2013, ob 18:0019:00 (predstavi v okviru festivala PreGlej Naglas)
– torek 8. Oktober, 2013, 19:00, 20:00 
vstopna točka: Plečnikov trg, Ljubljana (ploščad Maximarketa)

Na vstopni točki prejmete mobilni telefon s slušalkami. Predložiti je potrebno osebni dokumenta in kavcijo, kar dobite vrnjeno, ob vračilu telefona. Število prenosnih telefonov za je omejeno. Za ogled priporočamo, da izpolnite prijavo na spletu.

Zvočni zemljevid Hodi Mesto, avtorjev Irena Pivka, Brame Zorman, Saška Rakef, Klavdija Zaupan, Udo Noll se odvija po mestnih lokacijah s pomočjo aplikacije na mobilnem telefonu.

Hodi Mesto lahko doživite peš, s kolesom ali s skiroji.
več o projektu

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radioCona at CoLaboRadio / Berlin

radioCona podcast on CoLaboRadio

tonight Wednesday, March 19, 2013 @ 1.00am (CET)

presents and announces the first production of a ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing series with sounds from project XINGU / Yiara Series by Brasilian artist Renata Padovan and Hidden Materia II by Brane Zorman. Stay tuned!

Program here: http://www.88vier.net/programm/
Grab stream here: http://www.88vier.net/88vier-hoeren/

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