Ancestors and Hidden Materia III

dec.11.2013, 01:00am, CoLaboRadio, Berlin
Dalot aka Maria Papadomanolaki: Ancestors and
Brane Zorman: Hidden Materia III
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In this radioCona broadcast we present live recordings produced by CONA within the frame of series ZVOČITI sounding project and organized by uho; oko, Maribor as part of BELI ŠUM series.

This is was the first preparation event for next radioCona: REuse CITY:REuseRADIO  broadcast and FM exhibition due to mid of January 2014. radioCona broadcast will feature selected works curated by Anna Friz, Irena Pivka, Jasmina Založnik and Brane Zorman including lectures, performances by Katty Kennedy, Jeff Kolar, Volkmar Klein and slovenian sound artists Vasja Progar, Marko Batista, Petra Kapš and others.


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    Sat 18 - Thur 23 Jan 2020, each day 6.33PM - 11.30PM (CET / UTC+1)
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  • radioCona, produced by CONA, launched in 2008, is a platform that uses the radio frequency space in art contexts. FM frequency is understood as public space, explored from different perspectives and mediated through artworks audiobooks, programming and exhibitions. radioCona is intervention into public space.