radioCONA celebrates Art’s 1,000,051st birthday!

Friday 17 January at 7.17p.m., Tobačna001 and radioCona, Kunstradio

Art’s Birthday retransmission party with cake
22.40 Anna Friz (radioCona Ljubljana) and Maja Osojnik (Kunstradio Dunaj) Trans Local (interacitive web sound live perfomance)

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radioCONA celebrates Art’s 1,000,051st birthday! Art’s Birthday is an international Fluxus-initiated event celebrated by artists around the globe through parties and exchanges as a manifestation of Robert Filliou’s ideal of “permanent creation” and the Eternal Network.

Creative exchange between artists via communications media like the post expanded to incorporate evolving telecommunications networks such as early text and e-mail systems, teleconferencing, telefax, radio, slowscan video, and later still audio, video and data exchange through the Internet.  A gallery linked to a radio station linked to a café linked to someone’s bedroom.

  • radioCona:StoryscapesSE

    FM sound art exhibition, live from Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Sat 18 - Thur 23 Jan 2020, each day 6.33PM - 11.30PM (CET / UTC+1)
    direct stream link:

    Live StreamLIVE STREAM

  • radioCona, produced by CONA, launched in 2008, is a platform that uses the radio frequency space in art contexts. FM frequency is understood as public space, explored from different perspectives and mediated through artworks audiobooks, programming and exhibitions. radioCona is intervention into public space.