radioCona: Storyscapes SE

Listening to the wounded nature, listening to oneself, archiving social realities & creating new ones – with the senses awaken by sound.  

radioCona:Storyscapec SE  as a radio open for new sound related practices (with the focus on bioacoustics & artistic interventions in field recordings) will try to answer some of the questions about mnemopoetics of the Balkans and South Eastern Europe through the selection of artists from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. radioCona program is again exploring unknown terrain, which has been intensely research by the curator of FM exhibition Manja Ristić.

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Curator words:

Mnemopoetics of the Balkans and South Eastern Europe are dense palimpsests of boiling blood, struggle for freedom, union & upbuilding, but also of severe destruction, cruel bias & divisions. How is this multi-layered memory embedded in soundscape? What can we do to bring more attention to the inevitably exuberant natural processes in our densely populated part of the world? Would our intimate re-imaginations enable new realities and values?

In my humble effort to navigate through the works of regional sound artists, I tried to sustain from any personal influence and to keep the curatorial vision as broad as possible – structuring it with a ‘skeleton with four limbs’: compositions should be either bio-acoustics, artistic interventions in field recordings, soundscapes & environmental sounds. No thematic scope and no philosophical subtext should be treated as preferential. Despite this neutral approach, the overall material I received had several common denominators – a profound sense for attentive listening, strong social perception of sound in contextual narratives, palpable structuring in revealing the intimacy of personal creative processes and honest affection for the nature & environment, with the sound put on a pedestal as a flawless constructor of reality.

Artists coming from different fields – field recording, sound art, contemporary composition, electro-acoustic experiment, conceptual & applied sound, biosonics research, etc., all gather around the same nexus – an examination of the formative nature of sound and its consequential behaviour in the transmission of energy and/or ideas.

General opinion gives an impression that the meaning of bioacoustics and field recording is observation and preservation of a particular environment. What I would like to put forward in this curatorial concept is a rather tectonic postulation of active listening as an expandable “compositional” practice.

In the near future, I would sincerely like to see that we could consciously abandon the notion of composition as a closed and fully controlled process of structuring of sound, and move toward a more dynamic and more unpredictable reality of undivided unique experiences. Driven by the formative nature of sound and its inseparability from space & body dynamics (in their wider sense), with a special focus on neural diversities in both human and non-human agencies and their multi-sensory processing, as well as on some less tangible sonic properties, such as inaudible and/or sympathetic resonances.

Therefore, where in this ubiquitous role of sound should we search for its socio-cultural impact? Perhaps we should foster a rather Buddhist approach – insisting on responsible and compassionate education, research and cultural implementations that underline the importance of every living element, or in finding ways to finally acknowledge the importance and definitions of all forms of intuition in the all-heuristic construction of new perceptional understandings. My intuition depends on a very specific form of listening, but it is often charged with mnemopoetic experiencing of my immediate surroundings.

With that in mind and in the great company of radioCona SEstoryscapes artists, I propose the following frameworks of

WORLD NESTING IN HER FOOTSTEPS – starting with the collection of influential woman creators;

HUMAN ERROR – collection of interventions that praise vulnerability & humanity hidden in “purposeless” activities;

SOUND / SPACE / MEMORY FIELDS – collection of works & projects which are wrapping realities in an omnipresent holography of the collective memory;

ALL ABOUT WATER – collection transcending our greatest source of life & the mother of all resonance;

URBAN DREAMSCAPES – collection of works reflecting our possible need to become one inconceivable super organism;

SOUND BODIES – collection of fields questioning what happens when the sound finds its body, weather that be a sea salt pit, an abandoned quarry, interior of a tram, protest gathering or the wind in a treetop.


Artists: Amper-o-mat, Marija Balubdžić, beepblip, Ivan Čkonjević, Toni Dimitrov, Martin Eccles, Bojan Gagić, Miron Ghiu, Ana Gnjatović, Lukatoyboy,Regina Ionescu, Jovana Ivanac, Jasna Jovićević, Tina Kozin, Mirian Kolev, Rastko Lazić, Gašper Livk, Svetlana Maraš, Saša Rakef, Simina Oprescu, OR poiesis, PonTon, Ronald Panza, Maria Papadomanolaki, Peter Parmakov, Marko Paunović, Boštjan Perovšek, Irena Pivka, Bojana Šaljić Podešva, Maria Ponce, Anamaria Pravicencu, Sašo Puckovski, Saška rakef, Manja Ristić, Yoana Robova, Saša Spačal, Sound_00 + Lefterna, Igor Stangliczky, Teodora Stepančić, Robertina Šebjanič, Marija Šumarac, Jan Turk, Mauricio Valdés San-Emeterio, Vida Vatovec, Ivo Vičić, Roberto Vodanović, Aleš Hieng – Zergon, Brane Zorman.

Curator of FM exhibition radioCona:Storyscapec SE: Manja Ristić
Artists live sound event JataC (beeplip, OR poiesis, Boštjan Perovšek, Bojana Šaljić Podešva, Brane Zorman):Bibaret JC210120
Editorial: Manja, Ristić, Irena Pivka, Katarina Radaljac
Technical management: Brane Zorman, Marko Trstenjak
Translations into the English language & editing: Urban Belina
Photos: Manja Ristić, Irena Pivka
Website designa: Vesna Bukovec, Irena Pivka
Producters: Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman
Public relations: Katarina Radaljac

Partner of FM transmission: RTV SLO OE Oddajniki in zveze [RTV SLO Department of Transmitters & Connections]
Partner of online transmission: Emanat
Production: CONA, 2020,
Program of CONA is supported by the City Council of Ljubljana, Department of Culture, projects are supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

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