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Broadcast features selected and curated soundfield recordings, instllations, broadcasts and recorded sound maps. radioCona:FIELD project higlights, underlines and explores the pure listening experience and subjective perception by trancsending and shifting the locations of recorded soundscapes and works by resending and rebroadcasting them into an long lasting spaceous loop of repetition and feedback.

Ruben Marino Tolosa
Radio-System-AIR/EAR  international soundfield recordings exhibition and installation, June 2012, San Justo, Argentina
“AIR / EAR” is the assembly of a radio transmission in a / a space / cultural hall of a small town in rural Argentina.
Curators words: “Over the years my relationship with the radio, I was penetrating into the ambient sound of space around me constantly, in everyday life and transmission of these devices, like having a pair of headphones built all the time. This combination made in time I discovered the term radio art and began to investigate.”
“AIR / EAR” joins two English terms related to the transmission and listening to together form a Spanish word, meaning fresh, oxygenation and giving to know one thing.
“AIR / EAR is through sound show the different ways in which the radio art grows, so by means of a call over the Internet are invited to participate in this event, transforming it into a sample collectively.
“AIR / EAR” arises to make known a new art form, the radio art through sound public places and means of communication.

Max Stein and Julian Stein, Montreal Sound Map, 2005-

The Montréal Sound Map is an interactive soundscape project that allows users to upload feld recordings to a Google Map of Montréal. Since 2008, almost 300 sound recordings from all over the island have been collected and archived. The soundscape is constantly changing, and the project acts as a sonic time capsule with the goal of preserving sounds before they disappear.


Udo Noll, radio aporee stream

radio aporee continuously plays recordings from its global soundmap project. however, it’s an reactive/sensorial stream of sound that may (or may not…) recognise and react to events, e.g. new sound uploads, listeners tuning in,mobile app activity, live sessions, phone calls etc. it’s an ongoing experiment exploring affective geographies and new practices related to sound/art and radio.


radio aporee MariborMaps , by: Udo Noll (Berlin/Köln) with Patrick McGinley (Tartu / Estonia), support by Ana Pečar, Petra Kapš  & Andrej Hrvatin (Maribor)

During the Maribor Maps project, various site-specific sound works were created. These could be imagined as virtual sound installations in public space, to be explored by listeners equipped with mobile GPS-enabled phones, which act as radio receivers for these pieces.


Response Sound Maps/Walks: selected artistwalks from the project

It Is Time For Alert [Vrijeme za uzbunu]: Daniel Premec
They Live (in search of the text zero): Maja Pelević and Milan Marković
Phantom Fountains: Ronald Panza and Mili Sefić
Vitic Dances:Boris Bakal, Shadow Casters (Bacači sjenki)
High noon: Zli bubnjari (edited by Bernarda Cesar, Marija Juza, Filip Pintarić/IA ORGANIZAM, Kornel Šeper )
Word is a Weapon, Take It Out of Your Mouth: Simona Hamer, Simona Semenič, Zalka Grabnar Kogoj
Especially in August: Ervin Hatibi
mikro)B(eograd: Saša Markovič Mikrob (concept Manja Ristič)
Transmit Walk: Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman (with the help of Slavko Glamočanin, Vasja Progar, Marko Trstenjak)

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    Sat 18 - Thur 23 Jan 2020, each day 6.33PM - 11.30PM (CET / UTC+1)
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  • radioCona, produced by CONA, launched in 2008, is a platform that uses the radio frequency space in art contexts. FM frequency is understood as public space, explored from different perspectives and mediated through artworks audiobooks, programming and exhibitions. radioCona is intervention into public space.