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Thursday, 15th February from 6:32 PM

Dejan Srhoj Swan Lake Sequence (6:40) / 2010
In situ dance performance

The literal transfer of the score of the cult ballet Swan Lake from the elite spaces of the ballet house into the open space of the Central Market, where the tables with vegetables become a new stage element. Refined costume design is replaced by everyday clothing, carved and unitary ballet bodies are replaced by an urban cultural individualized embodiment, that allows the transfer of the romantic ballet fairytale into the throbbing bustle of our everyday life. Suddenly from the transcendental we crash with the concrete reality.
Sound Editing: Brane Zorman. Commissioned by Cona in collaboration with Fičo Balet and Ana Monro Theatre. Link to video Labodje jezero

Gregor Kamnikar & Ryuzo Fukuhara Morning Stretch2008

A regular one-hour movement class under the guidance of dance artists was created from the need for a relaxed morning gathering, which does not require any previous dance knowledge, only some curiosity and confidence in the exercises that are derived from the modern dance practices, to warm us up and prepare us for movement throughout the day. The radioCona program has enabled the stretching of the media of radio, dance, flexing and social gathering.
FM event Jutranji preteg was commissioned by Cona.

beepblip AM_on_FM / sine_wave, (14:05) / 2017

The AM waves of amplitude modulation broadcasting are highly susceptible to static disruptions. The recordings for the track consist of oscillations, which are especially present at night, when changes in the ionosphere cause specific sine-wave noises. They are recorded at 4:05 a.m. when my mind is sharp and concentrated.
Artwork was commissioned by Cona for radioCona:wolFMoon, premiere sound artworks.

Simon Macuh Walks for Awareness  (20:00) / 2016–17

Artist started nurturing the art form of Walks for Awareness as workshops in Celje in March of 2014. The background idea of the process is the search for a relationship with the space through the observation of phenomena in it and through the interaction of cohabiting elements. Through intervention into the sensory experience as a whole, which is, by moving through space with a blindfold over the eyes, the sensory experience consequently transposes and thickens itself via mediation of other senses and sensations. If the ear is used more frequently than the eye, the ear can not only express itself through hearing, but can be more intensively used in this situation as the sensory organ for balance. The location becomes a changing sound map that layers itself in the stroller’s perception. This artwork was created during walks with emphasis on the sound of the substrate through which we walk (snow, foliage, sand, etc.). How much are we really aware of what we are walking on and how thin is the ice under our feet?
Artwork was commissioned by Cona for radioCona:0.2425, premiere sound artworks.

Andrej Hrvatin No Wolf, Just Wind and Void!(22:38) / 2017

When unsuccessful, howling gets transformed into a journey into the emptiness of an unpopulated forest landscape. Snowy slopes, the cold, emptiness, the wind in the trees, and deep darkness weave together melodies of loneliness, which transport the two hermit recording engineers into different imaginary films. Nature is magnificently indifferent!
Artwork was commissioned by Cona for radioCona:wolFMoon, premiere sound artworks.

Robertina Šebjanič Eleonore reminiscence, (21:25) / 2015

The sound performance features sound mix of the materials, the artist collected during her art residence at “The Wet” at ship Eleonore on Danube River in Linz. We recorded the underwater sounds with different experimental DIY hydrophones. Field recordings are mixed with live sound into a new soundscape.
Recording of sound event, commissioned by Cona for FM exhibition radioCona:zimaFM.

OR poiesis Transluce, Moonlight Into a Porcelain Cup (23:59) / 2017

A quote from “the red room”. Transluce, Moonlight Into a Porcelain Cup is an echo of past times. The audio field recordings of intimate performative situations and walks touch us through hearing. OR poiesis explores the poetry of the moment through the voice, trying to release it from its linguistic meaning. Can the silence of a given place still be distinguished from the silence of the mood?
Artwork was commissioned by Cona for radioCona:wolFMoon, premiere sound artworks.

Brane Zorman It’s in my nature [Tak sem po naravi], (59:52) / 2017

Wolves use howling to acoustically mark their territory and connect within the pack. They howl in a clear, calm night, preferably at twilight and at the beginning of night. Are the conditions for sound transmission better at that time? As certain spaces and times of day have become oversaturated due to urbanization and the population explosion, certain (animal) species have began withdrawing to unpopulated landscapes and unoccupied times of day – into the night. We understand these withdrawals as a search for solutions that could lead to a ‘better quality of life’, an existence that would be better than the one offered to us by the oversaturated space-time. Is this an expression of silent resistance or just a forced adaptation, segregation, and doubling of work activity?
Artwork was commissioned by Cona for radioCona:wolFMoon, premiere sound artworks.

Anna Friz Whale Radio, (29:22) / 2014

Whale radio je oblika brezžičnega odnosa, ki je tako intimen kot taktilen, obenem pa še promiskuiteten na daljavo; v celoti resonančen (odmev povratne zanke mora prenašati pomen) in od vseh členov v vezju zahteva, da imajo možnost tako pošiljanja kot tudi prejemanja. Seveda se kiti pri komunikaciji zanašajo na mehanske zvočne, ne na elektromagnetne valove, in z veliko hitrostjo se približujemo različici post-človeške zgodovine, v kateri bo uničena možnost obstoja kitov, s tem pa tudi možnost, da bi ljudje postali bolj podobni kitom. Whale radio ostaja na voljo kot dober primer. Ali lahko ljudje razvijejo takšne zmožnosti in takšno družbeno življenje, ali lahko primeri iz Whale radio zrahljajo etiko tehnologij, ki jih razvijamo za komunikacijo na daljavo? Ali lahko Whale radio služi kot navdih za nove načine pogovora in komunikacije; razširi naše dojemanje namena komunikacije, njenega trajanja, in spremeni oblike, ki jih uporabljamo pri sporazumevanju?
Delo je nastalo kot improvizacija v živo za FM razstavo radioCona:REuse MESTO:REuseRADIO na rezidenci v KC Tobačna 001 / MGML v produkciji Cone.

Jeff Kolar Remote Control, (19:33) / 2014

Remote Control is an investigation into domestic electromagnetic activity emitting from wireless remote controls. Remote Control transforms pulses of infrared light into audible waves using discarded remote controllers and hand-built amplitude modulators. Remote Control detects the electronic patterns of infrared energy via a transmitter, a receiver, and a transceiver: a circuit that can both transmit and receive, modulate and demodulate. Remote Control manipulates short line-of-site transmissions through patterned button pressing extended scrolling and deep system adjustments.
Recorded by: Martin Leitner, Christian Gortz at ORF Studios Vienna, Austria, produced by Radius
Recording of sound event, commissioned by Cona for FM exhibition radioCona:zimaFM.
Pre:gon zime sound event – rebroadcast

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