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Wednesday, 14th February 2018 from 18.31 PM

Irena Pivka In-situ FM Mappings, (2010 – 2013)

A series of performative works titled in-situ FM Mappings was created as part of Cona’s transmissions from different venues in the period of several years. Interventions combined locations with frequency, thus pointing to the possibility of simultaneous use of physical and frequency space and time. Mapping of the space was returned to the same location via a loop, via FM frequency, where observers watched and at the same time listened to the mapping of mostly everyday events.
Street FM Mapping, (5:00) / 2010
Simultaneous mapping of two performers who were observing the events taking place in front of the MGML Gallery from different angles, transmitting it via a feedback loop with FM broadcast.
Voices: Helena Božič, Irena Pivka; Sound Editing: Brane Zorman, Marko Trstenjak.
Commissioned by Cona and MGML City Gallery, exhibition Nikjer je najlepše [Nowhere Is the Most Beautiful].
Arsenal depo mapping, (13.51) / 2009
Mapping of the events in the venue of exhibition Arsenal Depo 2K9 in feedback loop with FM transmission. Voice: Jelena Ličanin, Sound Editing: Brane Zorman
Commissioned by Cona and Kapelica Gallery, exhibition ArsenalDepo 2K9.

Volkmar Klien Testimonies of the Past Life Forms, (28:00) / 2013

In Zeugnissen vergangener Lebensformen Volkmar Klien takes his archive of recordings accumulated over the past few years as his vantage point for a montage of sounds, found and produced, which he combines with appropriate music. To this he adds recordings of personal soundscapes, which were contributed by people from all over the world to the project ‘Personal Soundscapes’.
Production ORF Musikprotokoll 2013 in co-operation with  Ö1 Kunstradio. Recording of sound event, commisioned by Cona for FM exhibition radioCona: REuse MESTO: REuseRADIO.

Marko Batista Night after Night, (12:21) / 2014

Marko Batista’s work presents a collage of sound recordings as a methodology of analyzing urban space. Locally determined suburban space thus becomes an architectural-sound instrument with which the artist is opening up the questions of relations between the frequency field and experimental documentary recording techniques and processes.
Commissioned by Marko Batista for FM exhibition radioCona: REuse MESTO: REuseRADIO.

Udo Noll Maribor Maps, (45:18) / 2012

During the Maribor Maps project, various site-specific sound works were created. These could be imagined as virtual sound installations in public space, to be explored by listeners, equipped with smartphones with GPS, which act as radio receivers for these pieces.
Commissioned by Udo Noll and Patrick McGinley, with support by Ana Pečar, Petra Kapš & Andrej Hrvatin.

OR poiesis Ear in the Gardens of Silence, Side Streets, (26:35) / 2015
Voice with the archives of chrono-spatial poetry

Digital synchronicity concretizes space-time as it folds itself outside the individual. Assisted by digital spheres, Ear in the Gardens of Silence, Side Streets sets up shreds of what can be heard outside the human memory, in order to be able to utter them again, repeat them infinitely with the mouth of technology. Not only is it recreating topographical knots and spatial (non-)presence, it also makes time, and with it the voice, flow differently along the riverbeds, weaving the landscape of countless curves… the deep time of the bodies.
Recording of sound event, commissioned by Cona for FM exhibition radioCona:zimaFM. Artwork uses radio aporee ::: miniatures for mobiles platform, supported by the City Council of Maribor, commissioned by Petra Kapš.

Brane Zorman Hidden materia, (30:31) / 2014

The sound composition and performance Hidden Materia is inspired by and conceived as an ongoing journey of the raw, liquid, vivid force of terrestrial magma, carrying the unparalleled and hidden amount of energy and threat that can burst to the surface at any moment in the form of fascinating volcanic eruptions of earth, lava, steam, and dust. The latent and permanent presence of the outburst of the primary energy of matter is an echo of the distant past condition of this planet. Brane Zorman works with ready-made images, video clips and databases from the web and private collections. Out of the photos and recorded data he creates and manipulates live and pre-recorded sound sculptures and sequences that relate to colors, light intensity, contrast and shapes of the treated visual materials. He is transforming a visual representation of lava eruptions and flows (lines, points, cracks) into a sequencer score.
Commissioned by Cona.

Anna Friz White night, (26:37) / 2014

The city at night is a space of potential: filled with pleasure and danger, subversion, reclamation, and escape; described by its transformation from the quotidian arena of day into sites of shadow, ambiguity, and reverie. The nocturnal world of radio is a similarly charged space of potential, relieved of the routines of the working day. Electro-magnetic activity is the invisible print of the city, with overlapping fields of activity passing through the built environment. Signals converge and the city is imagined and made.
White Night seeks to rethink and reframe the urban through its nocturnal signals and through incursions across the social spaces and empty places of the city after dark.
Artwork was made during artist residency in CC Tobačna 001 / MGML, commissioned by Cona.

Brane Zorman in Maja Smrekar Wolf howling, (12:27) / 2017

Because of the culling, disease, and the shrinking of the living environment of the already decimated wolf packs, humans are counting their members, mapping their paths, and statistically recording their minimal growth or decline. In their search, humans imitate wolves’ howling and listen to their response.
Recordings were taken at Menišija in August 2013 in collaboration with Miha Krofl PhD as a research for the project K-9_topology:Ecce Canis, produced by Kapelica Gallery, which were reworked later by Brane Zorman. Artwork was commissioned by Cona for radioCona:wolFMoon, premiere sound artworks.

Igor Štromajer 3¦×Fń–Qé3 = Mià†, (60:00) / 2017
33 text-to-speech computer-read poems by Igor Štromajer,

# poems read in Catalan, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Swedish language.
ëª ¦ • ÷33× ²° † ¬¦¹^°• ß ×= ]†¹^• „ ¬¦¹mű8°^°•÷˙//¤ „(‡^‚˘¹¹¦ ×›^ | ’ó5ŃĹ˙ _ ../¬¦.*°•÷../ ˙˙˙˙˙ㅑ˙˙〣˙˙₸₸Xoň˙˙˙˙ㅑ˙oźŔ˙˙ ›” :- -. …÷÷b ťë ¸ =^ » ”{^ ..ďwnë /¬¦.°•÷../ ¸+dîŮ Î2p ../¬¦.°•÷../ ÷}ㅑ = » > ’)= }:- – ‚ ¸ «g3../űâW. ° » >… } [( « _ ‚” ../¬¦.ŘçwÁ*°•÷../ †-¬¦.*°•÷../ ¦ ¨° *_n0ÜŞrí _ °¦ _ _“ :- – [. „ ..ㅑ/ ”+.-°ÂÁ ¬¦.*°•÷../ •ㅑ
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