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Monday 12. February 2018 from 18.29

Ali Bramwell & Alenka Pirman Recreational Bureaucracy: Amateur Surveillance, (5:30) / 2011
In-situ and FM performance

Artists collaborate on amateur surveillance in public space. Pseudo-official observation based commentary on parked cars was radio broadcast in real time into the space under observation: an underground supermarket carpark. The documentation and the way it is republished is intended to mimic various existing classification and surveillance activities, governmental, commercial, voyeuristic and vigilante.
Recreational Bureaucracy is being aided and abetted by Phantom Billstickers and Physics Room. Ljubljana edition was made for FM exhibition RadioArts Space.

Jasmina Založnik & Špela Drnovšek Bold(Dolt) Reading(10:00) / 2011
In-situ FM performance

Several different ways to challenge the social protocols are available. Tiny interventions are an effective way of testing the unwritten limits for the free use and settlement of increasingly privatized spaces that (still) bear the name public space. Actions: proletarian shopping, group teeth brushing in front of the parliament, persistent riding down the escalators in a shopping mall, or reading a newspaper at the newspaper stand are possible attempts to record and test the boundary that is delineated by the system for the individual. At the same time, this boundary depends on a number of other factors, labels, and markings that are attributed to the individual as a potential consumer and a/an (non)eminent citizen. The intervention Bold(Dolt) Reading tests the (tolerance) threshold of a salesperson, a security guard, a shopper. Performers do not browse through the newspaper offer, but insist on ‘consuming’ the selected content, which they share in a loud voice via a feedback loop with FM broadcast.
The artwork was created during workshop with Oliver Frljić: Social Protocols and Their Use in Artistic Creation, Maska’s seminar of contemporary performing arts.
FM intervention commissioned by: Maska and Cona, exhibition Nikjer je najlepše [Nowhere Is the Most Beautiful].

Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman, Jasmina Založnik Food market FM, (15:00) / 2011

Mapping of the events in the public space of Ljubljana Central Market in feedback loop with FM transmission.
Voice: Jelena Ličanin, Sound Editing: Brane Zorman. Commissioned by Cona for exhibition Radio Arts Space. Link Food market FM video.

Ronald Panza & Mili Sefić Fountains, Phantoms, (36:00) / 2012

Fountains, Phantoms reflects upon the fountains in the city of Mostar as places for collecting the sound memory as well as the symptoms of the city’s division. The work with fountains reflects upon only one of the zones that may be used in this sound story of the city and its sound codes.
The sound of the fountains is the first step in an attempt – by collecting the sounds in the city, the sounds that have identity, and designing a sound architecture – to reconnect the city to the way it used to be and the way it should be.
The sound of the fountain is the sound by which the fountain observes the city.
Performance in Ljubljana commissioned by Cona.

Marko Batista Untitled: Element.14, (16:50) / 2015

The composition originates from surveys of intermediate sound spaces using DIY interfaces. By creating hybrid technology and electromagnetic systems, the artist is resisting to the mystification of technology, and, at the same time, opens up new ways of thinking about it. Artist’s experimental systems extend the field of human sensory perception and phenomenology of unstable audiovisual systems in space and time.
Recording of sound event, commissioned by Cona for FM exhibition radioCona:zimaFM.

Kikiriki Swarm, (19:30) / 2015

The sounds of masses of people, gathered in different places sonically seem a lot like swarms of animals. We can recognize each voice individually as human vocalizing. Voices together form a loud noise, manipulated and mixed with analogue synthesizers and theremins calls, which have similar characteristics as the human voice.
Recording of sound event, commissioned by Cona for FM exhibition radioCona:zimaFM.

Vasja Progar Sub Consciousness, (22:16) / 2014

In the performance I am exploring the relations between the subconscious and conscious reactions to different environmental stimuli and I thus allude to the issue of control and intrusion into inner privacy of an individual. Throughout the performance I have attached to myself various sensors that measure my physiological state (heartbeat, body temperature, galvanic skin response, etc.). The data read from the sensors symbolizes my ‘subconscious’ reactions and controls sound textures prepared in advance. The sound textures are simultaneously controlled by my conscious actions through a computer interface. The final product is thus music that resonates with my reactions to individual stimuli: at first in the form of a struggle between the subconscious and the conscious, which gradually settles down to reach equilibrium.

Brane Zorman Earth under Berlin, (46:46) / 2012

Cold and windy winter night in Berlin, frozen ground sprinkled with gravel and salt. Cars are still, pedestrians found warm shelters, the tram occasionally cuts through the steel rails. The fast pace of the recording engineer, who maps the invisible cross and circular lines along the winter streets of Prenzlauer Berg with his hard rubber soles. The hand in the leather glove holds a microphone that floats like a drone above the ground. The occasional gusts of wind hit the microphone membrane, the flow of breath changes into crystals, the direction of the steps are disappearing without a trace. The recording engineer leaves no trace, he fanatically captures the audio traces of his own steps in contact with the ground, which are reinforced and multiplied in the composition, fused into a chaotic matrix at the border of noise and the annihilation of silence. Is this an evening walk? Is this a construction site? Is this an endurance test? Is this a secret? Is this a military march? If this is so… What would the next step be?
Commissioned by Cona for project Trans_Locative.

Boštjan Perovšek Murmuring of Streams, (34:06) / 2012

The forgotten memory images confronting the present are revealed to us in the sound artwork as a soundscape of the past and the present time with the use of modern technologies. We live in a world that values the image so highly that it often forgets about the sound. We only remember it when it goes away. The spaces in which we walk around are completely defined only through the sound that reminds and leads us to the diversity of time zones; be it short or long. Rumor as a means of verbal communication and rumor as the sound of space. The sound in which the city of Maribor is submerged into, as a city formation and events that relate with it, communicates with its hinterland and the wider area of ​​Slovenia.
Artwork was commissioned by Boštjan Perovšek.

Amper-o-mat DMT1510, (26:02) / 2017

DMT1510 is a sound reflection made during a night walk across the removed areas of the Savinja River, which has culminated in the present audio work on the following day at exactly 3:10 pm. DMT stands for the substance called dimethyl tryptamine, which is being released while sleeping or being awake during the night as well as in deep meditation. Each of these states is indirectly captured in this audio work, while the work itself also has the ability to induce them. Apart from the field recording of the Savinja River, which is in itself completely direct and rough, the work intertwines subtler energies found in the space between midnight and 2 a.m., combined with subsequent feedback on the nocturnal experience by the river.
Artwork was commissioned by Cona for radioCona:wolFMoon, premiere sound artworks.

Saša Spačal (Agapea) Cycles, (32:09) / 2016

Cycles seem natural and eternal, however their constant metamorphosis never follows the same pattern. Cycles follow their own trajectory of evolutions and emergences as strings of moments. Moments are sliced, lived and experienced, almost materialized in the experience and unrepeatable. Experience can allow us to perceive a cycle but only thought can follow a trajectory from the past through the present moment into the future. Agapea uses different technologies to submerge in the experience. Sound is produced with DIY and other analogue sound synthesizers and manipulated with computer software. Field recordings, recorded with a sound recorder as an amplifier of the environment, are used together with photographies to generate frozen moments of cycles. Agapea treats technological means as a part of the biotope; as cohabiting organisms; as crickets Acheta domesticus.
Artwork was commissioned by Cona for radioCona:0.2425, premiere sound artworks.

Anna Friz & Brane Zorman 4 Channel Improvisation on Two FM Frequencies (60:16) / 2014
Repeat broadcast of re-transmission performance at radioCona 88.8 MHz and Radio Študent 89.3 MHz

Artists used the rarely offered possibility to perform electro-acoustic improvisation on two radio frequencies from the same location and created a four channel musical radio work. It could be fully followed and heard only if the listener listened to two stereo players at the same time, because each radio transmission stereo channel only transmitted half of the audio information of the piece. With this, the artists further emphasize one of the basic paradigms and elements of radio art and FM interventions – transience and uniqueness. With one hour long 4 channel improvisation on two FM frequencies, the artists simultaneously “occupied” two frequencies in the Ljubljana radio spectrum with the artistic content.
Improvisation was created during exhibition radioCona: REuse MESTO:REuseRADIO, commissioned by Cona in collaboration with Radio Študent.

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