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Daniel Premec It Is Time For Alert, (4:00) / 2012

The sound installation It Is Time For Alert has been created as a response to the overall situation in our country that negatively reflects on our culture and high-ranking cultural institutions, thereby initiating a loss of our cultural identity. By sounding sirens placed on the facade of the Art Gallery for 30 minutes, I want to warn the citizens that the current situation in our country is alarming.
Performance in Ljubljana commissioned by Cona for Response sound maps/walks. Ljubljana intervention video It Is Time For Alert

radioCona APEL (1:20) / 2008
Cultural policy action

With the appeal for enabling publicly accessible frequencies radioCona has, in the framework of third public broadcast radioCona:Public Space as part of exhibition Muzej na cesti [Museum on the Road] at Moderna Gallery in 2008, triggered a discussion about the initiative for enabling a band of open access radio frequencies. Regulatory agency accepted the initiative, so today there are several open access FM frequencies available in the whole country.
Commissioned by Cona.

Saška Rakef Abrasion of Beauty (39:12) / 2017
Radio play

From the loving beginning and first moments of individualism to the division of personal property, pets and common child – audio play Abrasion of Beauty deals with the collapse of a community and enquirers about the power of written rules, because, as Plato already stated, the invention of writing “will produce forgetfulness in the minds of those who learn to use it, because they will not practice their memory. Their trust in writing, produced by external characters which are no part of themselves, will discourage the use of their own memory within them.”
Voices: Gašper Tič, Pia Zemljič. Soundscape: Alenja Pivko Kneževič, Simon Penšek, Brane Zorman. Directed by: Saška Rakef. Production: Cona.  Abrasion of Beauty

Irena Pivka TM11 hall mapping, (15:19) / 2010

A series of performative works titled in-situ FM Mappings was created as part of Cona’s transmissions from different venues in the period of several years. Interventions combined locations with frequency, thus pointing to the possibility of simultaneous use of physical and frequency space and time. Mapping of the space was returned to the same location via a loop, via FM frequency, where observers watched and at the same time listened to the mapping of mostly everyday events.
Mapping of the events in the venue of Transmediale 11 in feedback loop with FM transmission.
Voice: Irena Pivka, Sound Editing: Brane Zorman. Commissioned by Cona for Traces Lounge:Traces and radioCona, exhibition Transmediale11.

Anna Friz & Maja Osojnik Trans Local, (25:40) / 2014

The creators, each in her studio, together create a joint composition that is simultaneously broadcast on two frequencies and international radio satellites. They explore the possibilities of closeness in the remote sound/musical dialogue and skillfully establish effective ways of musical communication.
Artwork was created during the celebration of 1,000,051 Art’s Birthday, commissioned by Cona and Ö1 Kunstradio.

Jeff Kolar GSM Buzz, (19:10) / 2013

GSM Buzz is an audible investigation of electromagnetic interference patterns between mobile phones and computer speakers. GSM Buzz captures bursts of electromagnetic radiation when mobile devices connect to cellular towers. The buzzy bursts are the result of overcrowded cellular networks transmitting data in rapid succession, one after the other, every 0.004615 second. GSM Buzz explores these synchronized interference patterns as source material. Each track uses a different generation of mobile wireless Internet to manipulate the repeated humming signals.
Recording of sound event, commisioned by Cona for FM exhibition radioCona: REuse MESTO: REuseRADIO.

Brane Zorman & Irena Pivka Field Frequency Flux (41:00) / 2014
In-situ performance with FM intervention

Field Frequency Flux is a performative site-specific radio art composition, transmitted on local FM radio frequency with live in-situ FM interventions. Performance experience is based on walking and at the same time in-situ listening to FM radio broadcast and surrounding sounds. Sound composition and in-situ FM interventions are based on transmission and re-transmission of near and distant electromagnetic radiation.
Commissioned by Cona. video Field Frequency Flux

Anna Friz & Konrad Korabiewski Trilogy for Night and Radio, (45:00) / 2015

Trilogy for Night and Radio is a radio art work in three parts that explores remoteness, the descent into darkness and the long Northern winter night. Trilogy is a collaborative exchange between two traveling sound artists – Anna Friz and Konrad Korabiewski – that meditate on feelings of place using the materiality of signals, overlapping remote geographical spaces.
The final segment of the Trilogy, entitled Relay, is built from recordings made by Anna and Konrad around the winter solstice (December 21-22) in the empty post-industrial spaces in which they were working–Anna in a former tobacco factory in Ljubljana, Slovenia; Konrad in an empty herring factory in Seydisfjördur, Iceland. They intertwined these traces and signals from distant spaces, using the architecture and landscape as a filter for their signals. Anna took elements from the first section and replayed them into the iron bannisters and wooden walls of the tobacco factory using tactile transducers, or speakers which transmit vibrations into surfaces. These signals were re-recorded using contact microphones, and sent to Konrad, who mixed them together with field recordings from different houses and the empty herring factory.,
Trilogy for Night and Radio was produced for the Creative Audio Unit with additional support from the Danish Arts Foundation, the Danish Composer’s Society, CONA, Kultural Center Tobačna 001, Skaftfell Center for Visual Arts, and Radius.

Saša Spačal (Agapea) Tides, (23:11) / 2017

Tide, constant rise and fall of water levels on the surface of the Earth, is a process of establishing perfect balance of waters for specific spacetime conditions. Sometimes tides have deviations. Sometimes humans can be the cause. Sometimes flood and drought occur to reset the cycle. To reset the population. To reset the time.
Artwork was commissioned by Cona for radioCona:wolFMoon, premiere sound artworks.

Andraž Magajna At the Crack of Dawn, (24:13) / 2016

At the Crack of Dawn is a sound interpretation of the night on the break of day. It includes a field recording, guitar sounds, and fragments of the two. By focusing on sound currents with the 24-hour daily cycle, the composition presents a conglomerate of geophonic, biophonic, and anthropophonic glimpses of the break of day.
Artwork was commissioned by Cona for radioCona:0.2425, premiere sound artworks.

Robertina Šebjanič Black Drops / Of Dripping (23:00) / 2017

Drops that resonate in the darkness of the caves are a condensed representation of a complex and extreme environment that is still full of mystery, darkness and a special beauty, where the geological and biological time seem to happen in a different time frame. The sound of the water dripping has a strong presence in the caves, it penetrates the silence. These little but persistently present drops represent the “information transfer”, getting the data about the living conditions from above, which is coming deep into the cave and serves as a source of food for biological life and as a building material for geological structures.
Artwork was commissioned by Cona for radioCona:wolFMoon, premiere sound artworks.

OR poiesis Aural Memory, Time Vortex_Flux (43:00) / 2016

Performative poetry; text Nišit hivotrv v ohu; sound topography of the rivers Drava (Maribor) and Spree (Plänterwald, Berlin), stream Kokedera (Kyoto), and spring in Studenice. Besides the sonority of running water, hearing itself is often associated with trance. Aural Memory, Time Vortex_Flux is focusing on hearing and premonition, interweaving them with memory. The fluid ephemerality of captured voices is heard through the vacuum of the deaf ear within the idiom of rivers and the intimate atmosphere of poetry.
Supported by Institute Uho; Oko, commissioned  by Petra Kapš

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