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Premiere works, curated and commissioned by radioCona 
Miha Turšič /Špela Petrič Voyager/EME
Petra Kapš (alias OR poises) Transluce, moonlight into porcelain cups
Roberina Šebjanič Dark drops / about the drip
Borut Peternelj (Amper-o-mat) DMT1510
beepblip AM_on_FM
Tea Vidmar/Ana Kravanja At night all birds are black
Agapea Tides  

Dreamscapes and other (un)conscious explorations, curated by Elena Biserna
Selection focuses on dreams and the slippages between conscious and unconscious states, coming and going from wakefulness to abandon, laying on the liminal zones of consciousness or interrogating cognitive processes – from dreams’ narratives to the unheard sounds of sleeping bodies, from streams of consciousness to explorations of listening as a psychoanalytical tool.
Brandon LaBelle The Dreamer, from The Voice Agent
GX Jupitter-Larsen Characterized
James Webb 13 Sightings Of The Artist In The Dreams Of Others
Ximena Alarcon Migratory Dreams
Leif Elggren Under the Couch
Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec Artist at Sleep

Reveil – Soundcamp


Miha Turšič /Špela Petrič, Voyager/EME
An artistic action Voyager/EME was performed on 18th October 2014 at the Dwingeloo radio telescope to establish a difference between the actively generated signal of Voyager/140AU project and the passively received signal moon-bounced from the Moon’s surface. The signal was produced within the artistic research of possible art forms in outer space.

Petra Kapš (alias OR poises), Transluce, moonlight into porcelain cups
A quote from “the red room”. Transluce, Moonlight into Porcelain Cups is an echo of times past. The audio field recordings of intimate performative situations and walks touch the listener through hearing. OR poiesis explores the poetry of the moment through the voice, attempting to release it from its linguistic meaning. Can the silence of a place be distinguished from the silence of the spirit?

Roberina Šebjanič, Dark drops / about the drip
Drops that resonate in the darkness of the caves are a condensed representation of a complex and extreme environment that is still full of mystery, darkness, and special beauty, and where the geological and biological time seem to unfold in different time frames. In the caves, the sound of the dripping water has a strong presence – it is the sound that is breaking the silence. The little drops are the “information transfer”; they contain information about the living conditions that are filtered deep into the cave from the meadows, fields, and cities above, while at the same time they present the source of food for biological life as well as the building material for the geological structures.

Borut Peternelj (Amper-o-mat), DMT1510
DMT1510 is a sound reflection made during a night walk across the removed areas of the Savinja River, which has culminated in the present audio work on the following day at exactly 3:10 pm. DMT stands for the substance called dimethyltryptamine, which is being released while sleeping or being awake during the night as well as in deep meditation. Each of these states is captured in this audio work, while the work itself can also induce them. Apart from the field recording of the Savinja River, which is in itself completely direct and rough, the work intertwines subtler energies found in the space between midnight and 2 am, combined with subsequent feedback on the nocturnal experience by the river.

beepblip, AM_on_FM/ sine_wave
The AM waves of amplitude modulation broadcasting are highly susceptible to static disruptions. The recordings for the track consist of oscillations, which are especially present at night, when the changes in the ionosphere cause specific sine-wave noises. They are taken at 4:05 am, when my mind is sharp and saturated.

Tea Vidmar/Ana Kravanja, At night all birds are black
While dreaming, the wings of our personality open up to travel the manifest and latent landscapes of our individual mental and biological processes. Conscious and unconscious soundscapes created by the two vocalists by producing different voices, are at the same time pulling the listener to his centre as well as carrying him away. All recordings were created as vocal improvisations to the theme Unoccupied nocturnal landscape and dreamscapes as a biopsychological dimension. The track was created using only acoustic vocals, without additional recording.

Agapea, Tides
The tides, the constant waves on the surface of Earth are trying to find that perfect balance of waters for specific space time conditions. Sometimes tides have deviations. Sometimes humans cause them. Sometimes there comes a time for flood or drought to reset the cycle. To reset the population. To reset the time.

Brandon LaBelle, The Dreamer, from The Voice Agent, 2016, 10:18
This voice that breaks; this voice that staggers, or talks back; this voice that dreams from within its own shelter; this voice, always already elsewhere; this voice that interrupts; this voice – the one that murmurs (are you there?); a drunken voice; this voice resounding through words of compassion, friendship; this voice to which one must respond; this voice that may also hurt, or inflict; and which is never so simple, or singular, and yet is only itself; this self, a plurality – a potential, flushed with longing and distraction; this voice on the way to language: will it arrive? This voice that one offers; that grows tired, ghosted by the possibility and the madness: this voice that touches the limits of the permissible and the ordered, that breaks in; this voice that recites, or mimics; which one may recall, as that primary tether; and that enables; this voice that seeks new relations – echoes. To this voice listening turns, and is turned.

GX Jupitter-Larsen, Characterized, 2015, 28:00
You know how in a dream, thinks like setting, storyline, and/or identity seem to morph together… or drift apart completely? In life, one’s motives might change, but the fundamental convictions behind those actions can never alter. The voices in this poem begin their journey as fragments scattered amidst the radio waves. These fragments slowly unfold into a stream of consciousness, till the end of this introspection, when the listener arises to the opportunity of fully understanding just what is actually being said. And, most importantly, by who. Does a dream of making the world a better place ever come close to a reality? Or, is struggle, be it either social or physical, our only real proof of being alive?

James Webb, 13 Sightings Of The Artist In The Dreams Of Others, 2010, 26:00
13 Sightings Of The Artist In The Dreams Of Others is a collection of 2-minute compositions based on descriptions of other people’s dreams wherein the artist featured. The artwork was commissioned by the Centro Puertas de Castilla in Murcia, Spain, for the 2010 Radio Micro-compositions project curated by Francisco López.

Ximena Alarcon, Migratory Dreams, 2012, 34:56
Migratory Dreams invites us to listen to eight dreams that were shared in an improvisatory sound performance via the Internet, between Colombians living in London and Colombians living in Bogotá, using spoken voice and pre-recorded sounds. The performance explored the sound space that is created in-between the two locations, as well as the feelings associated with different experiences of migration, and was manifested through Deep Listening practice and dreamwork. Dreamers and performers London: Amaru, Nelly, Sebastián, Steve Cárdenas Mosquera. Dreamers and performers Bogotá: Diana María Restrepo, Joela, Sandra Miranda Pattin, Tzitzi Barrantes.

Leif Elggren, Under the Couch, 2012, Firework Edition Records, 60:05
This recording was made under the famous couch of Dr. Sigmund Freud, founder of the Psychoanalysis, in the London house where he lived in 1938-1939 and which is now the Freud Museum. On this couch, his patients would comfortably recline during psychoanalytic sessions. Elggren has recorded under the couch, as a sort of parallel to the psychoanalytic method and presenting it as a report from this “underworld”. Using the recording devices as tools to detect what might be hidden there through more than 100 years of Psychoanalytic practice, the piece becomes an investigation of the sounding “unconsciousness”.

Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, Artist at Sleep, 2011, 5:05:37
Originally conceived as a multi-channel installation in Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier, Artist at Sleep explores articulation of bare human presence through medium of sound and addresses the state of sleep as a creative moment in contrast to the idea that the creativity can only result from conscious activity. The title of the work Artist at Sleep, pays direct tribute to Mladen Stilinović’s conceptual piece Artist at Work (1978), and Andy Warhol’s film Sleep (1963). Installed closely to the artist’s sleeping body at night, several microphones were used to record the breathing and minute body movements in a silent bedroom, occasionally registering distant sounds of the city outside. Radio transmission of these recordings create a paradoxical space, where the sonic presence of the sleeping body becomes ubiquitous yet foreign, performative yet not, public and intimate, all in the same moment.

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