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Boštjan Perovšek Mrmranje tokov

Samo Kutin Zvočni zapisi – Kot filmski negativ
Luka Prinčič Reqiuem for the Future

Brane Zorman EMS

Premiere works curated and commissioned by radioCona
Miha Turšič /Špela Petrič Voyager/EME
Petra Kapš (alias OR poises) Transluce, moonlight into porcelain cups
Roberina Šebjanič  Dark drops / about the drip
Borut Peternelj (Amper-o-mat) DMT1510
beepblip AM_on_FM
Tea Vidmar/Ana Kravanja At night all birds are black
Agepea Tides
Andrej Hrvatin No Wolf, just Wind and Void!
Maja Smrekar/Brane Zorman Wolf Howling
Brane Zorman It’s in My Nature


Boštjan Perovšek Mrmranje tokov
, 34:00

With the use of contemporary technologies and in confrontation with the present moment the images forgotten from memory reveal themselves in the sounds of the Murmuring Streams project as a soundscape of the past and present. We live in a world that praises visuals and neglects sound. The sound is remembered only once it has disappeared. The spaces through which we walk are defined by sound, which reminds us and leads us to the various time zones – short or long. Speech as a means of verbal communication and speech as the sound of a space. The sound of the space as a backdrop to our view and the sound of the space as its idiosyncratic speech. The melody of the sound of the space from the past and the present, a sound montage and an element of music.

Samo Kutin Zvočni zapisi – Kot filmski negativ

Luka Prinčič Reqiuem for the Future2016 18.00
“Requiem aeternam dona eis”, grant them eternal rest! This music comes from an experiment, a performance in which the human body is substituted by animals and machines. Conceptually it is rooted in post-antropocentristic deconstruction of dualism of cartesian perspective on an animal machine. The question is, how can we imagine a dialogue between the animal and artificial intelligence? And how does artificial intelligence see the monstrosity of the human species? Imagine a future-present where only AI and nature devoid of humans exists in its own kind of collaboration. This imaginary sets the general atmosphere.
The water. The Zone and its poetry of wisdom. Atoms, molecules, and everything beyond. Before or after but definitely the cells, and the peculiarity of the awe-inspiring bio-mechanisms. Something not from our time.
“Iz njenega trupla zrase krilati konj / njegovi kremplji jo brazgotinijo / … da bo kasneje vedela kje je bil” // “A winged horse grows out of her corpse / its hooves are scarring her / … So she knows later where he had been”
The ones and zeros, the techne of the artificial, and all the consequences, the integration of flesh into electronic circuits, post-human transcendence, the glitch and its incorporation into the mechanical system, the uncanny perspectives of artificial intelligence far beyond the capitalocene.
“Zaradi vsega kar ji je obljubila, zvezdo umori / in svojo skrivnost zapiše čez njegovo plast neba” // “She kills the star for all she promised her / And writes her secret across his layer of the sky”
A release into the void beyond the planets and back, as a feedback loop of pulsations, a harmony of the spheres, a return to the primordial sound and gravitational forces. Intervals derived from orbital resonances: near-integer-ratios between orbital frequencies of planets of the solar system.

Brane Zorman EMS, 2016, 60.00
Brane Zorman in his EMS Memory Trackers choosed and marked a small part of a sky matrix of the sky over Ljubljana on January 3, 2016 as a dynamic picture. From the visual shapes of bodies, positions of stars, suns, planets, moons, asteroids, from the endless flux of frequencies from the long past time from the Outer Space he will extract and transform audio and data recordings of a various EMS ranges and convert them into an evolving sound sculpture work. Zorman sees night sky as a notation, as a canvas, where dots of a different intensity, size, brightness, positions »play« sounds from extracted visual materials. Zorman worked with local radio amateurs recording EMS frequencies emitted from close and deeper space combining and mixing them with a sophisticated sound tools thus mapping, tracking and inter reacting on ever present but not recognized distant screams and memories from the space.

Miha Turšič /Špela Petrič, Voyager/EME 30.23
An artistic action Voyager/EME was performed on 18th October 2014 at the Dwingeloo radio telescope to establish a difference between the actively generated signal of Voyager/140AU project and the passively received signal moon-bounced from the Moon’s surface. The signal was produced within the artistic research of possible art forms in outer space.

Petra Kapš (alias OR poises), Transluce, moonlight into porcelain cups 2017, 23.59
A quote from “the red room”. Transluce, Moonlight into Porcelain Cups is an echo of times past. The audio field recordings of intimate performative situations and walks touch the listener through hearing. OR poiesis explores the poetry of the moment through the voice, attempting to release it from its linguistic meaning. Can the silence of a place be distinguished from the silence of the spirit?

Roberina Šebjanič, Dark drops / about the drip 2017, 23.00
Drops that resonate in the darkness of the caves are a condensed representation of a complex and extreme environment that is still full of mystery, darkness, and special beauty, and where the geological and biological time seem to unfold in different time frames. In the caves, the sound of the dripping water has a strong presence – it is the sound that is breaking the silence. The little drops are the “information transfer”; they contain information about the living conditions that are filtered deep into the cave from the meadows, fields, and cities above, while at the same time they present the source of food for biological life as well as the building material for the geological structures.

Borut Peternelj (Amper-o-mat), DMT1510 201724.02
DMT1510 is a sound reflection made during a night walk across the removed areas of the Savinja River, which has culminated in the present audio work on the following day at exactly 3:10 pm. DMT stands for the substance called dimethyltryptamine, which is being released while sleeping or being awake during the night as well as in deep meditation. Each of these states is captured in this audio work, while the work itself can also induce them. Apart from the field recording of the Savinja River, which is in itself completely direct and rough, the work intertwines subtler energies found in the space between midnight and 2 am, combined with subsequent feedback on the nocturnal experience by the river.

beepblip, AM_on_FM/ sine_wave 2017, 14.05
The AM waves of amplitude modulation broadcasting are highly susceptible to static disruptions. The recordings for the track consist of oscillations, which are especially present at night, when the changes in the ionosphere cause specific sine-wave noises. They are taken at 4:05 am, when my mind is sharp and saturated.

Tea Vidmar/Ana Kravanja, At night all birds are black 2017, 28.26
While dreaming, the wings of our personality open up to travel the manifest and latent landscapes of our individual mental and biological processes. Conscious and unconscious soundscapes created by the two vocalists by producing different voices, are at the same time pulling the listener to his centre as well as carrying him away. All recordings were created as vocal improvisations to the theme Unoccupied nocturnal landscape and dreamscapes as a biopsychological dimension. The track was created using only acoustic vocals, without additional recording.

Agepea, Tides 2017, 23.11
The tides, the constant waves on the surface of Earth are trying to find that perfect balance of waters for specific space time conditions. Sometimes tides have deviations. Sometimes humans cause them. Sometimes there comes a time for flood or drought to reset the cycle. To reset the population. To reset the time.

Andrej Hrvatin No Wolf, just Wind and Void! 2017, 22.38
When unsuccessful “howling” – – gets transformed into a journey into the emptiness of an unpopulated forest landscape. Snowy slopes, the cold, emptiness, the wind in the trees, and deep darkness weave together melodies of loneliness, which transport the two lone recorders into different imaginary films. Nature is magnificently indifferent!

Brane Zorman/Maja Smrekar Wolf Howling 2017, 12.00
Because of the culling, disease, and the shrinking of the living environment of the already decimated wolf packs, humans are counting their members, mapping their paths, and statistically recording their minimal growth or decline. In their search, humans imitate wolves’ howling and listen to their response. More often than not, there is no feedback, only the echo of dogs barking in the distance.
The work includes sound recordings of calling in wolves, which were taken at Menišija in August 2013 in collaboration with Miha Krofl PhD. The field day was part of Maja Smrekar’s research for the project K-9_topology:Ecce Canis, produced by Kapelica Gallery. Brane Zorman has reworked the original sound recording to prepare a 20-minutes long track of unrealized communications.

Brane Zorman It’s in my Nature 2017, 55.00
When howling, wolves acoustically mark their environment and connect with their pack members. They holler during clear, calm nights, preferably during the period of twilight or at the onset of the night. Are the conditions for sound transmission better at twilight?
As certain spaces and times have become oversaturated due to urbanisation and the population explosion, certain (animal) species have began withdrawing to unpopulated landscapes and unoccupied times – into the night. We understand these withdrawals as a search for solutions that could lead to a ‘better quality of life’, an existence that would be better than the one offered to us by the oversaturated space-time. Is this an expression of silent resistance or a coerced adjustment, segregation, and doubling of work productivity?

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